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Reporting channels for Whistleblowing

MOLDINO Tool Engineering Europe GmbH (hereinafter "MOLDINO") maintains the reporting channels for whistleblowers described in more detail below in fulfilment of the legal requirements of the Act for Better Protection of Whistleblowers (German Whistleblower Protection Act, "HGSchG"). The so-called "Whistleblowing Hotline" is designed as an internal reporting centre within the meaning of § 14 HGSchG.

Addressee of the whistleblowing hotline

The whistleblowing hotline can be used by all employees within the meaning of Section 3 (8) HGSchG, but also by customers, subcontractors, suppliers and other third parties.

Contents of messages

The whistleblowing hotline enables the reporting of illegal or unethical behaviour if other communication channels have proven to be ineffective or inappropriate. In cases where effective internal action can be taken against an offence and the whistleblower does not have to fear repressive measures, reporting to the whistleblowing hotline should be preferred as an internal reporting point.

The whistleblowing hotline can be used to report and disclose information about violations within the meaning of Section 2 HGSchG. This includes violations that are punishable by law or - if the violated provision serves to protect life, health, to protect the rights of employees or their representative bodies - are subject to fines, or other violations of legal provisions, e.g. to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, to protect personal data, to audit the financial statements of public interest entities or to prepare the accounts of companies that are capital market-oriented.

The whistleblowing hotline can also be used to report misconduct by MOLDINO employees in relation to professional standards or against self-imposed values in the form of the Code of Conduct.

We encourage everyone to raise a concern if it affects MOLDINO or its employees or the company management.

Communication channels for messages

MOLDINO operates the whistleblowing hotline as an internal reporting channel.

The whistleblowing hotline offers the following options for making a report:

  • By telephone using the telephone number: +49 2103 2482994
  • By post or e-mail to the following contact details:

MOLDINO Tool Engineering Europe GmbH
Compliance Office
Itterpark 12
40724 Hilden

Procedure after receipt of the notification

Each report is processed in accordance with the legal requirements, in particular § 17 HGSchG.

The internal reporting channel receives every report, confirms receipt, evaluates it, discusses the facts with the whistleblower and decides on the next steps to be taken to clarify and investigate the matter, depending on the violations and/or anomalies reported. The internal reporting office determines the follow-up measures in accordance with Section 18 HGSchG.

The Compliance Office maintains contact with the whistleblower and informs him/her of the conclusion of the investigation and the result found.

The content of every report and every reporting person within the scope of the Whistleblower Protection Act is subject to the protection of this Act. Reports are treated in strict confidence.

MOLDINO encourages reporting violations of laws and ethical principles. Whistleblowers and employees in particular need not fear any negative consequences because of a report that they submit in good faith within the meaning of Sections 33 and 34 HGSchG or whose submission they have supported.